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Is it necessary to build a website?

Do not rest on your laurels only with Facebook or Instagram

  • 06 MAY 2022
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Are you one of those who "make" a Facebook page or Instagram page for their business and have STAYED ONLY there?

Here are 8 reasons for you not to rest on your laurels!

1) When someone is interested in a product or service, they look first in search engines for businesses with websites, not on social media.

2) Not everyone has Facebook or Instagram.

3) The existence of a website shows professionalism.

Just having a Facebook page or an Instagram page is not enough to convince that you are a professional. You must also have the appropriate professional tools, which are provided only by a website.)

4) Whatever content exists on social media pages belongs to them. Therefore, the content may be deleted without notice.

This is not the case on websites with a specific domain name.

The main reason that Facebook or Instagram allows you to make a page for free is to get into the ad program. All social media revenue comes from ads.

So you should be prepared for safety’s sake. Facebook or Instagram can delete your page for any reason. There is absolutely nothing you can do about this, it's an automatic process. Robots are used to judge if your page is suspicious or if it violates rules and policies from social media itself.

Every day on both Facebook and Instagram, automatic bots delete millions of pages and profiles around the world in order to face spam and fake profiles. Tomorrow it could be yours!

5) The ads that appear on the right side of Facebook pages cannot be blocked. Therefore, there is a risk that a competitor will also be advertised.

6) It is uncertain if social media will continue to exist in its form in the next few years.

7) The e-commerce service is available only in case one has a website.

It is a fact that there are many solutions on Facebook for an online store, the so-called Facebook Stores, as there are also many solutions for Facebook Commerce where you can build your own online store on Facebook. However, whatever you do, the Facebook Store will not be “yours”.

Also, you will not get the same results as if you build your own online store where you regulate yourself which bank you will work with and what agreement you will sign. Ideally the Facebook Store should be complementary to your actual e-shop.

8) Facebook and Instagram limit available tools like google analytics, which provide information about potential customers.

These stats help you to know where your website visitors are coming from, which page they are interested in, how long they stay, and why they leave. Also, it is very important to know the campaigns that bring more traffic and more profits to your online business.