SSL Security Certificates

Protect sensitive data and your website with an SSL certificate

We undertake the issuance and installation of the SSL certificate on your website, while informing you in a timely manner and completely free of charge for the date of its renewal.

But what is SSL?

The main function of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is to create an encrypted connection between the web server and the visitor's browser, ensuring the secure exchange of data between the two parties, preventing their interception by malicious users.

Why should every website have SSL?

1) Security

If the website sends or receives sensitive personal data, then it must be protected by an SSL certificate.

2) Trust

Visitors can now easily see that they are on a website under a secure connection with alerts or icons in the browsers they use. Failure to use the certificate will adversely affect their navigation, and they are more likely to leave the site for another.

3) Lead in Google results

Since 2014, Google has considered secure connection via SSL certificate, an important reason for improving a website's ranking in its results.



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