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We optimize your website by applying specialized techniques

The term SEO, or optimization of a website, describes all those processes that must be done in the structure and content of a website in order to be as search engine friendly as possible.

There are many factors that contribute positively to the search for satisfactory results in search engines.

Some of them are:

Website loading speed.

The loading speed of a website today is a very important part of both Search Engine Optimization and the user experience.

Users are now in a hurry and do not wait even a second longer than necessary to find the information they want immediately. Otherwise they will move on to the next site.

Code perfection.

The code of your website plays a crucial role in SEO and in the ranking of your website in search engines.

All search engines read code while they do not care about the aesthetics or colors of a web page.

The right code for a website helps search engine algorithms better understand the content and display it better in their results.

Keywords, relevance and content.

One of the most important things to consider is the relevancy between the title, description, keywords and content of each page.

Appropriate page titles.

An important element for each page is the title we will give it. It should include keywords that have been specified, but it should be less than 70 characters long.

Search engines pay particular attention to the h1 and h2 and h3 tags.

Original content.

One of the most important points to keep in mind is to create original content for our website.

At WEBMAN we undertake responsibly, applying specialized techniques, the return on your investment with the results always justifying us.




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