PPC Advertising Campaigns

Pay Per Click campaigns (cost per click) are a way to advertise on specific paid words. It is essentially a method of bypassing Google's organic results so that the site appears on the first page of results, in words that would be very time consuming and difficult to find without paying.

For example if one googles the word "website" the search results will be literally almost 1 billion. Because it is almost impossible for a site to be in the top 10 results out of 1,000,000,000, the site owner can create an adwords campaign, and advertise on the first page of results of that word paying only for those who finally click on the ad and end up on his site.

This is how Facebook advertising campaigns work, which are equally effective.

The advantage of this ad is that you only pay when people click on your ad and end up on your site, as well as targeted advertising based on various criteria, age of user, country of origin, interests, etc.

The cost to create a "Pay per click (PPC)" advertising campaign on Google Adwords or Facebook starts from 50 euros.

Campaign management varies depending on your budget, campaign size and competition.

If you are interested in your own business presence on Google, Facebook or Instagram, with a separate advertising campaign "Pay per click (PPC)" to be displayed cost-effectively and efficiently, do not hesitate to contact us to send you a complete offer.



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